Top 10 Executive Courses in Diversity Leadership

Top 10 Executive Courses in Diversity Leadership

Building and leading a diverse workforce has become a key focus for executives in every business sector and geography in recent years, reflecting social movements such as MeToo and Black Lives Matter, along with the growing body of evidence proving that diverse team outperform. 

Building an inclusive workforce — one that takes into consideration characteristics including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation — is widely seen as the key to unleashing innovation and creativity, along with making better business decisions. It’s also a moral imperative.

However, creating a diverse organization is no easy feat, and business schools, who have their own social responsibility, are creating executive education programs focused on diversity and inclusion, whether that’s courses designed for LGBT executives, women in leadership or executives more broadly who want to build their self-awareness and develop their intercultural skills. 

Participants in these programs will develop an inclusive mindset and learn how to work within and lead diverse teams, as well as how to mitigate bias through self-reflective exercises and group work. They also learn to tackle difficult questions and issues like privilege. 

Stanford, California

Stanford launched its LGBT Executive Leadership Program in July 2016. The program aims to improve the number of LGBT-identified corporate executives, through its curriculum and network. The course covers such topics as effective use of power, acting with power, authentic leadership, and influence and decision-making. Stanford is one of the world’s highest ranked business schools based in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

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Berlin, Germany

ESCP, with campuses across Europe, has since 2018 offered the LGBT+ Executive Leadership Program in Berlin. The curriculum combines management subjects like negotiation and decision making with others aimed at fostering inclusion, such as authentic leadership and design thinking. 

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business in the US offers FORGE, its Fostering Organizational Equity leadership training program. The course prepares leaders to implement social change within their organizations through three days of intensive instruction on current topics in diversity and inclusion, a fast-moving area of study and practice. 

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New York City, New York

NYU Stern, in New York City, offers the Inclusive Leadership: Addressing Unconscious Bias to Build Stronger, Diverse Teams program. Participants develop an inclusive mindset and focus on working in diverse teams, and how to mitigate bias through self-reflective exercises and group work. 

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Fontainebleau, France

INSEAD in France and Singapore runs the Gender Diversity Program. It gives executives the tools to develop a plan to reach gender balance in their organization. They diagnose the key barriers women face and develop multi-level interventions that are shown to move the needle. 

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New Haven, Connecticut

Fostering Inclusion and Diversity is an executive education course offered by the Yale School of Management in the US. A three-week online program, it delivers the skills leaders need to build more inclusive and diverse teams, including unconscious biases, promoting behavioral change, redefining leadership, recognition of dimensions of diversity, and reinforcing patterns of disengagement.

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New York City, New York

Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing the Power of Diversity is offered by New York’s Columbia Business School. It equips participants with the skills to motivate and engage diverse teams, focused on intercultural competence and self-awareness. They develop an action plan for change in their own organization. 

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Vancouver, Canada

Inclusive Leadership is the executive course run by Canada’s UBC Sauder School of Business. Participants learn inclusive communication, how to overcome subconscious biases and keep up with fast changing norms around diversity. They also learn to handle difficult questions and issues like privilege. 

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Baltimore, Maryland

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School offers the Leading Inclusively executive course, which teaches participants how to attract, motivate and retain diverse human capital while maximizing the contributions and growth of all talent to drive performance goals. 

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Cambridge (USA), Massachusetts

Hult, part of Ashridge Executive Education in the UK, offers the Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing the Power of Diversity course. In this program, participants will develop skills to manage diverse perspectives and shape a positive and inclusive working culture. Participants learn how to build self-awareness and facilitate inclusive conversations. 

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