Human Resources

The term human resources generally describes the collection of individuals that make up an organization and the services those individuals provide. In business terms, it can also refer to the departments in charge of implementing those systems that relate to employees: hiring, firing, promotions, etc. Executives in charge of human resources departments generally have a wide range of responsibilities, including ensuring company policies meet labor laws, human capital analysis, and performance reviews.

Human Resources

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Program includes 21 class days. Kick-off: Live online webinar (October 14, 2024). Module 1: Strate...
Program includes 21 class days. Kick-off: Live online webinar (October 14, 2024). Module 1: Strategic HRM (Ghent campus, October 17-19, 2024). Webinar on learning & development (November 21, 2024). Module 2: Talent & Career Management (External location, December 12-14, 2024). Module 3: Competence & Performance Management (Brussels campus, January 30, 2024 to January 1, 2025). Project sounding board (Location to be decided by peer groups, February 10, 2025). Module 4: HR reaching out (Ghent campus, March 13-15, 2025). Impact coaching (Brussels campus, May 26, 2025). Project Defenses (Location TBA, June 16-18, 2025). Module 5: Putting the pieces together (Ghent campus, October 16, 2025).
Oct 14, 2024 - Oct 16, 2025 Vlerick Modular program (in blocks)

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