Top 10 Executive Courses in Strategy or Strategic Management

Top 10 Executive Courses in Strategy or Strategic Management

Companies today are having to respond to rapid changes in business and society amid increasing competitive threats but also business opportunities for companies bold enough to shape their market. 

Happily, there are a wide range of executive education courses in strategy or strategic management offered by some of the world’s leading business schools around the world. On these courses, participants learn how to assess threats and opportunities, and build a compelling vision for transformation based on the broader environmental, political and social landscape. 

In these strategy-oriented executive courses, participants discover how to choose the right team members and nurture the best ideas, putting together a strategic plan of action. Then, the executives enrolled in these 10 leading programs learn how to build innovation capability and lead change management. They come away with the confidence to take on tough challenges and develop solutions that drive organizational performance. 

The best executive courses in strategy cover a wide range of topics that are important for managers with increasing responsibility.

See the top 10 executive courses in strategy below.

Lausanne, Switzerland

An eight-week program taught online, Strategy Execution from IMD Business School provides the insights into what it takes to implement a major program of change successfully. Participants learn how to build a compelling vision for transformation, pick the right team members, the best ideas. They also learn how to strategically allocate the time and resources to make change initiatives a standout success.  

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Fontainebleau, France

INSEAD puts on the Competitive Strategy program in person in Fontainebleau in France. This executive education course equips executives with new skills, models and tools to turn strategic ideas into action. Through lectures, discussions and case studies, participants, who are board members, company directors, investment bankers and consultants, learn about competitive industry dynamics. They also receive one-on-one executive coaching. 

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Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Booth Executive Education runs a 10-day online program called Strategic Thinking for Turbulent Times. Participants in this executive course learn strategic frameworks to anticipate threats and explore emerging business opportunities. They evaluate business models that leverage disruption innovation to capture high-potential markets. They graduate well prepared to align innovation with business strategy. 

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Durham, North Carolina

Duke Corporate Education runs the Building Strategic Agility online executive program. It’s designed to help leaders become more agile and respond to the rapid pace of change in business and society. Participants learn how to use data science to make faster, smarter decisions. They also learn new frameworks to build agile teams, networks and culture. 

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

UNC Executive Development has the Executing Strategy for Competitive Advantage program. Taught in person in Chapel Hill, the three day course teaches executives how to navigate internal resistance to change, and rapidly changing business environments, to develop a strategy that drives outperformance. Participants learn how to implement strategy successfully, from planning to decision making and change management. 

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Boston, Massachusetts

Harvard Business School Executive Education runs the Sustainable Business Strategy online executive program over three weeks. It’s for purpose-driven professionals who want to learn how businesses can effect positive change in the for-profit space. Participants learn how to examine the broader environmental, political and social landscape, including the role of government, investors and customers in business. They leave with a clear vision for what they can do in their career to become a purpose-driven leader. 

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Kingston, Canada

The Canada-based Smith School of Business offers the Strategic Planning and Leading Change program. A four-day course taught entirely online, participants learn to develop and implement a strategic plan to drive organizational change and create long-term business value. They diagnose the challenges associated with organization change, and create a game-plan for winning hearts and minds.

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Charlottesville, Virginia

Darden Executive Education offers a six-week online executive course called Growth Strategy. Participants gain the tools to analyze, evaluate and recommend strategies their organizations can implement to create value. This includes market entry strategies, applying game theory to respond to competitors, and exploring ways to build innovation capability. 

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Montreal, Canada

The McGill Executive Institute offers a four-week online course called Strategic Problem Solving. Students learn the 4S method used by management consultants for how to state, structure and solve problems, and how to sell solutions. The program welcomes executives as well as engineers and entrepreneurs looking for a toolkit for innovation. They develop the confidence to tackle tough problems outside their area of expertise. 

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Dallas, Texas

At SMU Cox Executive Education, there’s the Strategic Thinking for Competitive Advantage course. Run online over two days, the program provides the capabilities, mindset and toolkit to build a bold strategy for a stronger future. Participants reframe how they think about strategy and come away with new tools and a network to be a more powerful force in leading their organization. 

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