Executive Education Courses in Soft Skills

Executive Education Courses in Soft Skills

Executive courses in soft skills are quite popular among managers and executives. This is because in our increasingly connected world, a good manager needs soft skills in order to be a better leader, not only in an office setting but also in the digital world.

Soft skills are behaviors and interpersonal skills that people use to communicate, negotiate, and interact with others (as opposed to the more technical “hard skills.) Executive education programs in soft skills can help managers develop a wide variety of traits, including body language, attitude, and personal integrity.

Many believe that these skills are every bit as important as the more technical skills. This is because having good soft skills can mean better problem solving, team building, and resolving conflicts. In today’s workplace, managers increasingly rely on soft skills to communicate with a diverse array of people. Learning new interpersonal skills can be hard, but because of the importance of soft skills, some managers get training or coaching to develop them.

Soft skills-focused executive education offerings typically take the form of short courses, which may be delivered in person or in an online format. The courses may focus on soft skills generally, or on a specific part of the spectrum (for instance, executive courses in negotiation or in leadership are common offerings.) The best executive courses in soft skills feature practical activities where participants can role-play various approaches in a controlled environment. 

Executive courses in soft skills are offered by business schools and other providers all over the world. See a complete listing of upcoming courses below.

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