Top 10 Executive Courses in Cybersecurity and Digital Risks

Top 10 Executive Courses in Cybersecurity and Digital Risks

Cybersecurity is no longer the domain of the IT department: it is a topic that is gaining importance in the business world. It is a critical part of nearly every aspect of business decision-making, from due diligence in mergers and acquisitions to supply chain security and enterprise risk management. Therefore, managers who understand the growing cyber threat to their organizations, and what they can do to mitigate, the risk have a competitive advantage.

Several business schools are now offering executive courses that give senior managers the skills in cybersecurity risk management they need to better protect their organizations. As the cost of breaches soars, building cyber resilience is an urgent priority for leaders in business and the number of programs, while limited for now, is expected to grow in line with cyber as a board-level issue.

Lausanne, Switzerland

The course provides a non-technical approach to cybersecurity management. Guided by industry experts, participants learn to effectively identify, prepare for, and respond to emerging and imminent cyber threats. They also improve their governance strategy by leveraging existing data protection regulations, while enhancing their personal and social skills, too. 

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Cambridge (USA), Massachusetts

There are multiple learning outcomes on this course — which provides board members and other senior executives with essential knowledge and perspectives for cybersecurity strategy, leadership and management. The program was developed by experts in cybersecurity, data privacy and corporate policy. Upon completion of the course, participants earn a certificate from the MIT Sloan school.

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New York City, New York

This program offers a hands-on learning experience by combining lectures and discussions with case studies and simulations. So, participants learn how to identify and shield critical digital assets from cyber threats, and build leadership expertise to tackle those threats. Upon completion of this program, they also earn two credits towards a Certificate in Business Excellence from Columbia Business School.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Designed for chief security officers, the Wharton/ASIS Program for Security Executives: Making the Business Case for Security covers the core concepts of business to broaden managerial and strategic perspectives. This helps participants to communicate a clear business case for investments in security, and secure buy-in from the C-suite.

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Evanston, Illinois

On Kelley’s certificate program, participants learn about the technical, legal, and business dimensions of cybersecurity risk management, and how to communicate effectively about cyber risks across different industries and sectors. The certificate credits can be transferred to an online degree program. Indiana University has been a leader in cybersecurity research and education for more than 20 years.

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Oxford, United Kingdom

Participants on this program learn about the challenges and potential of cyber, to enable strategic decision-making to help keep their organization secure. They engage in cyber defense simulations to apply the theory in practice. The program is delivered in partnership with Esme Learning and Mastercard, using cutting-edge learning tools.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The IoT is reaching critical mass in many sectors of the economy, creating significant challenges for the safety, security, reliability and privacy of consumers and enterprises. This program helps executives to create new products and services, increase operational efficiencies and reduce cyber risk.

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