Top 10 Executive Courses in Negotiation

Top 10 Executive Courses in Negotiation

Little in business or life gets done without a negotiation, so executive education programs that deal with mediation have the potential to deliver significant value for your professional and personal life. 

In executive courses in negotiation, participants, who come from broad array of backgrounds, learn foundational skills for managing complex and multinational negotiations in different cultures and regions — such as how to prepare, lead and adapt negotiations. This includes effective communication and coalition building, as well as leveraging social capital to negotiate successfully. 

Executive courses in negotiation also delve into the social psychology of negotiation, in terms of how to influence people and gain stakeholder buy-in. 

These hands-on programs enable participants to experiment with new techniques and test their negotiation effectiveness in the safety of the classroom. Through role plays and simulations of real-life business scenarios, led by expert faculty, participants learn to manage conflict and build trust, how to find alignment and achieve successful deals. 

In some cases, participants will be involved in hands-on activities, such as predicting their counterpart’s behavior, and dealing with “dirty tactics”.  

Through feedback from classmates, they take an objective look at their negotiation style. In some executive negotiation programs, they receive individual executive coaching to help develop their own personal style and play to their strengths. In doing so, they gain greater confidence, and develop a systematic approach for a variety of situations. 

They leave with a robust framework for negotiations, whether they’re online or in person, and learn how to align their strategy with strategic business objectives. Ultimately, participants learn how to create value for their organizations, make better decisions and deliver hard results. 

Here are the top 10 executive courses in negotiation:

Oxford, United Kingdom

Saïd Business School at the UK’s prestigious University of Oxford puts on the Oxford Program on Negotiation for three weeks. Delivered online, this executive program in negotiation sees participants analyze complex negotiation case studies and practice through role plays and simulations. Working with experienced faculty, participants, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, take an objective look at their performance and make improvements to their negotiation style. They leave with is a robust framework for negotiations of any kind. 

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Berkeley, California
UC Berkeley - Haas

Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, runs the Negotiation and Influence program for executives who wish to resolve conflict, reach agreement, and gain greater confidence. The program teaches the social psychology behind the negotiation skills that influence others. Through practical exercises, students learn to manage conflict and build trust. Beyond the basic skills, participants learn how to leverage non-verbal strategies and visual matrices to gain stakeholder buy-in. The program runs for six weeks online, or three days in person. 

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management, in the Netherlands, offers the Effective Negotiating Skills program over three days twice per year. It’s an intensive and practical workshop where executives learn how to find alignment and achieve successful deals. This approach builds effective business relationships and respect, an approach known as “NVR” (needs, value and relationship). Participants also learn how to improve their negotiation styles and techniques, including how to deal with “dirty tactics”. 

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London, United Kingdom

London Business School, one of Europe’s top management schools, hosts the Negotiating and Influencing Skills for Leaders executive program over six days in London. Participants are supported by one-on-one executive coaching to develop their own personal negotiation style and play to their strengths. They also experience negotiations with multiple stakeholders in real-life business scenarios. Participants learn how to predict and influence their counterpart’s behavior, and so create impact back at work. 

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Cambridge (UK), United Kingdom

Judge Business School at the UK’s leading Cambridge University runs the online Cambridge Negotiations Lab, which consists of four half-day sessions. It’s a practical workshop that focuses on the key tensions that exist in most negotiations, such as the interests of various stakeholders and empathizing with your counterparty’s point of view while asserting your own. Participants learn how to manage these conflicts and explore ways of reconciling the trade-offs they cause. Ultimately, participants learn how to create value for their organizations, make better decisions and deliver hard results. 

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s IESE Business School, Spain’s highest ranking institute of management, has a five-week online executive program in negotiation called Winning Negotiation Strategies. It aims to address the needs of senior business executives, entrepreneurs and lawyers looking to boost their skills for managing complex and multinational negotiations. Participants achieve greater awareness of their personal negotiation style. They also learn how to analyze counterparts in different cultures and regions, and align their negotiation strategy with strategic business objectives. 

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Chicago, Illinois

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business runs, over two days, an executive course in negotiation at the university’s Hong Kong campus in China. The program, called Negotiations: Strategies and Processes for Impactful Outcomes, begins with an introduction to basic negotiation tactics, followed by common obstacles to effective communication and tactics for coalition building. Participants then put all their newfound knowledge and skills together by considering the impact of social capital on strategic negotiations. 

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Baltimore, Maryland

Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School, in the US, runs the online Strategic Negotiation executive course for three days. It provides executives with the foundational skills and thinking needed to win deals. Through a set of interactive and increasingly complex exercises, participants learn about their negotiation style and develop a systematic approach for a variety of situations. The participants leave with the ability to achieve their goals through strategic negotiation. 

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London, Canada

The Ivey Business School of the University of Western Ontario in Canada offers the Ivey Strategic Business Negotiations Program. Participants learn the essential skills for negotiating, such as how to prepare, lead and adapt during deals. The program is rooted in practical learning: participants are challenged to negotiate with their classmates, receive feedback and reflect on their own performance. They leave with greater confidence in their ability to negotiate successfully. 

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Atlanta, Georgia

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, in the US, offers the Negotiations and Conflict Management executive program. Delivered online over four days, the short course helps executives to master dynamic negotiation strategies for a wide array of business environments. Participants gain the confidence to make tough decisions, close deals more effectively and drive growth within their organization. 

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