Top 10 Executive Courses on Crisis Leadership

Top 10 Executive Courses on Crisis Leadership

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, leaders of organizations around the world face a period of continuous disruption and volatility. For many company executives, successfully navigating the current era of upheaval will require lessons in leadership — lessons that business schools are keen to provide.

A number of leading management institutions worldwide have established crisis leadership courses for executives, delivered in a range of formats and different durations. These courses focus on how to lead through change and the unprecedented challenges facing businesses today. We’ve listed 10 of the best courses below.

Berlin, Germany

ESMT Berlin offers a series of online sessions to help leaders navigate through times of crisis and beyond. For example, the Leading Through the Crisis Certificate is a distance learning program for top executives. Participants will learn how to stay relevant to the emerging situation, create space for discussions on pressing issues, and how to encourage engagement, enhance knowledge and foster team spirit.

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New York City, New York

Columbia Business School offers the Leadership in Transformative Times course. Executives come together for three consecutive full days on the Columbia campus in New York. They are taught how to approach crises with authenticity and agility, to draw out the best in themselves and in others. This includes how to avoid making bad choices and how to remind stakeholders of their core values.

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Cambridge (UK), United Kingdom

The UK’s Cambridge Judge Business School runs the Transformational Leadership in Turbulent Times program, delivered in a live virtual format. The key takeaways from the four half-day sessions include motivating employees, adapting one’s own leadership style to meet employees’ needs, and improving managerial decision-making.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Leading through Challenging Times: From Crisis to Renewal, is an executive education program put on by the Wharton School. The course is delivered in a live online format over five days in March. Participants will learn how to become a more effective and resilient leader, by identifying best practices for leading through uncertain times and change, both now and in the future.

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Cambridge (USA), Massachusetts

MIT offers the Crisis Management & Business Resiliency course, delivered in a live virtual format over eight days in October. An on-campus option is available for those who can come to Cambridge, Massachusetts for five days. Participants will develop the tools, knowledge and understanding to benchmark, assess and improve their business resiliency, disaster recovery and crisis management skills. The course also examines strategies for career advancement.

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New Haven, Connecticut

The Yale School of Management puts on the Leading Through Crisis program in March, which helps participants to change their mindsets and develop skills to prepare for, respond to, and learn from major global crises, such as the coronavirus pandemic. The program is delivered over seven weeks and includes six to eight hours of self-paced online learning per week.

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Hyderabad, India

The Indian School of Business offering the Leadership in the Era of Crisis course. This live online program helps participants to lead themselves and virtual teams more effectively, create a workplace that enables peak performance, and make complex decisions against the backdrop of uncertainty.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Fundamentals of Crisis Leadership and Preparation is run by Colorado State University’s College of Business. Participants will learn how to communicate and collaborate with every level of their organization during a crisis. The course is seen as an opportunity to develop crisis leadership skills before the uncertain environment puts them to the test.

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Manila, Philippines

The Asian Institute of Management, an AACSB-accredited business school in the Philippines puts on the Crisis Leadership course, an online series of modules that empowers leaders with essential advice, best practices and strategies to guide them through these increasingly uncertain times. The short program runs in August, January and May, lasting for a few days.

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