Top 10 Executive Courses in Business Analytics

Top 10 Executive Courses in Business Analytics

In today’s digital economy, being able to make decisions based on data rather than gut feeling is essential to effective organizational performance. Across all industries, businesses are transforming into data-driven enterprises. But leveraging analytical capabilities requires new competencies. That is where executive education courses come in. 

Participants in Executive Courses in Business Analytics learn basic frameworks for business analytics including biases, experimentation, descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. They also may learn the basics of coding and also technological tools for leveraging data science, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Participants in the best executive courses for business analytics get the skills to not just analyze data but communicate the results and assess their likely impact on company performance. Participants also learn how to build data-driven organizational cultures. 

Some of these business analytics executive programs are online, the others delivered in-person on campus. Some look at how business analytics applies to various aspects of an organization, for example in human resources, marketing or mining; while others are generalist programs applicable to a wide range of functions from sales to operations and finance, across all economic sectors.  

Ultimately, it’s about converting the data insight into action to create business value, through raising productivity and efficiency, improving safety and lowering costs. The return on investment is often tangible and measurable. 

Here are the Top 10 Executive Courses in Business Analytics

Berlin, Germany

ESMT Berlin, the top-ranked German business school, runs the Analytics for Decision Makers: Decision Trees and Risk Analysis program, over two weeks. The online executive program aims to help participants leverage analytics for optimal decision-making. It focuses on building the thinking skills for making powerful use of analytics, so executives can convert data insight into business value. 

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Another Executive Course in Business Analytics is the five-day Customer Analytics for Growth Using Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data program is run by the prestigious Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. It gives participants an understanding for how to leverage data to transform business strategies, deriving actionable insights from data science. Participants study online and also explore the latest artificial intelligence applications, and learn about real companies using these new technologies effectively. 

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Singapore, Singapore

NUS Business School in Singapore runs, over five days in-person, the Leading with Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning executive program. Through lectures, case studies and discussions, participants gain the skills and confidence to leverage data analysis to fuel better decision-making in their organization. They also learn how to build a data-driven culture across their company.  

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Toronto, Canada

York University’s Schulich School of Business, in resource-rich Canada, offers the Data Analytics in the Mining Industry program. The two-day executive course, on campus in Toronto, introduces participants to predictive analytics and teaches them the skills to analyse data and communicate the results. They leave the course able to use analytics in their decisions, as to as raise productivity and efficiency, improve safety and lower costs. 

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Boston, Massachusetts

Another top Executive Course in Business Analytics is at Harvard Business School. It runs the Data Science for Business program, that runs online for four weeks. In essence, it teaches participants how to use data to tackle business decisions and take action based on hard evidence. They also learn how to avoid common mistakes when crunching data sets, and learn the basics of coding languages such as R. 

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New York City, New York

NYU Stern School of Business in New York City puts on a four-day online program called Decision Modelling in Business Analytics. Participants learn about decision models and machine learning tools for examining data, recommending actions and assessing their likely impact on key performance metrics. It’s a hands-on executive course that emphasizes how analytics can be applied to functions such as finance, marketing and operations, across economic sectors. 

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Durham, North Carolina

In North Carolina, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business offers the Creating a Data-Driven Culture program, which is an other Executive Course in Business Analytics. An online course, it covers machine learning, AI, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Participants formulate powerful methods for leveraging organizational data to address critical business questions, and drive further growth. 

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Cambridge (UK), United Kingdom

Judge Business School at the UK’s prestigious Cambridge University runs the Business Analytics: Decision-Making Using Data program over 11 weeks, online. The program teaches frameworks of business analytics: biases, experimentation, descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. Students from diverse backgrounds share perspectives in online discussion boards. 

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Over two days, University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management runs the People Analytics: Driving Strategy with Data program. It covers the entire people analytics landscape, from basic terminology to guidance on how to create or expand a team using analytics. It explores how data on employee turnover, engagement, diversity and inclusion can empower effective decision making. In short, people learn a framework for aligning people analytics with business needs and strategy. 

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Cambridge (USA), Massachusetts

MIT Sloan School of Management in the US puts on the Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics executive course for two days. Learning online, participants understand the theory and practice of digital marketing and social media. The program covers concepts such as predictive modelling for targeted advertising and measuring product vitality. Technology has fundamentally reshaped marketing, so such content is essential reading for executives in this function. 

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