Duke Law Announces Executive Education Course on Cybersecurity

Duke Law Announces Executive Education Course on Cybersecurity

A joint effort between departments, the new Cybersecurity Leadership Program aims to provide training that will help tackle digital threats both in the public and private spheres.

Duke Law has recently unveiled a new program which will focus on cyber security and will be launching this summer. The goal is to provide both public and private sector leaders with the necessary tools to confront cyber threats and attacks to their organizations.

“The Cybersecurity Leadership Program draws on the interdisciplinary strength of Duke University to provide the cutting-edge knowledge and training needed to meet tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges,” pointed out David Hoffman, Program Director and expert in public and security policy.

The program seeks to combine training in executing oversight responsibilities, effectively managing risk, and preparing organizations for the latest cyber security challenges. Combining disciplines such as technology, law, and policy, students will be exposed to material from experts and leaders in all these areas, from both Duke and their respective industries.

By the end of the Duke Cybersecurity Leadership Program participants “will be able to identify and address the cyber-related risks they face, develop best practices relating to supply-chain and other third-party risks, and better equip their organizations for engaging with government regulators and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad.”

The course is ideally suited for senior leaders whose positions require them to work closely within cyber security risk. At $4,000, the program includes faculty instruction, evening events, access to all course materials and additional resources, among other things.

Find out more at https://law.duke.edu/news/duke-launching-new-executive-education-course-cybersecurity/


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